Saturday, August 28, 2010


So the psych eval is done.  And I could tell she (the therapist) was ready to be shed of me too-after putting me in a holding pattern all summer long.  Sheesh! So now I'm waiting on the results which I'm sure will be fine.  I mean really-some of those questions were a little ridiculous.  You'd have to be stupid-or crazy-to fail that thing.  All 370 not so very subtle questions, btw.  So getting the freakin' eval done meant that FINALLY  I could call the surgeon and set up an appt.  So hubby makes the call for me, and the office lady sweetly tells him that it will be several months before I can even get in to see the doc-which is a problem because I'm shooting for surgery the 1st week of Oct-which is my break from school.  And I do NOT want to do this over Christmas break.  So hubby begs and pleads for an earlier appt-which she finally squeezes us in, but assures us getting the surgery scheduled quickly may be a problem...  So who knows at this point???  I have patiently been biding my time for 6 months, jumping every hoop as I come to it.  It hasn't been easy dangling on the end of strangers' ropes.  So yes, I'm a control freak who hates waiting on other people's time tables.  But dammit...  October or bust!


  1. Good luck with your appointment, hope that you get the date you want.

  2. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, just be sure to squeak very loudly!