Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So it begins...

Meeting with surgeon....check.
Meeting with another dietician (sigh)...check.
Support group class...check.
Meeting with insurance lady (sigh)....check.
Meeting with nurse...check.
Starting liquid diet....arghhhh!!!!...CHECK!!!

Last night I went out for my "last supper" of the next 6-8 weeks.  I actually cancelled my therapy session so I could eat out (...wonder what my shrink would say 'bout that?!?).  But there was NO WAY I was missing this event.  We shared & enjoyed appetizers, I had the salad (why?!?), and when the entree came-could only take a bite-and had to stop.  But I didn't force the issue.  I was done.  And actually I am ready to get this goat rodeo started.  I'm SICK of being this fat...  So in spite of the harsh nature of this liquid diet, I am completely at peace with this.  And yes, I'm sure that will change by day 3 and 7 and 13.  I'm gonna miss food-no doubt about it.  But my work friends are on notice, my family has been warned (no kitchen slut duties for me!), and the supplies have been purchased.  I'm also on hiatus from watching the Food Network channel (nothing good comes from that at night, btw).  So I am one protein shake down...and 1,342 remaining???  LOL!!! 

So it begins...


  1. Good luck, I know you can do it!

  2. good luck!!! I only had 2 days and it wasn't so bad. I actually watched more Food Network...not cause I was hungry but because I wanted to look at food that I couldn't smell! HAHA

  3. I'm here for you!!! I know you can do this DB... you got my support!!! Love you!!!