Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I guess what's so frustrating about my failed/aborted psych eval (previous posting) is the additional hoops that I am going to have to jump over the next 3 months in order to meet my October lapband surgery deadline. Every insurance carrier's criteria is different for being approved for this procedure. But ALL companies have arduous requirements. Getting approved to have this surgery is no cake walk. And honestly-there are enough stop-gaps in the process that those who are not serious or committed won't make it.

Here are the requirements of my particular insurance carrier:
medical records from previous 2-5 yrs documenting medical history
6 month's of consecutive doctor visits to record weight loss efforts
letter from your dr. stating medical necessity
medical questionnaire/surgery seminar/insurance consultation
blood work/labs
psyche eval
dietitian eval
surgery eval

As you can see there is a lot of paperwork, phone calling, and multiple monthly appts that you MUST keep. A missed appt-and your 6 months starts all over. And of course-unexpected road blocks are going to occur (lost paperwork, misdirected faxes, extra therapy sessions!).

So the postponed psych eval kinda clogs the chain of command of events that need to play out (ie: the surgeon will not see me until the psych eval is complete). And I DID have a pity party about it. But hubby gave me a good talking to, a steady shoulder to cry/whine on and then took me on a shopping spree (new dress, bras, perfume)!

My biggest goal right now is just to allow the process to unfold, to trust in God's plan that doors will open (and close) when I am ready and that...maybe this time...I'll lose the weight for good!

Bottom line: You're gonna need a patient, level headed partner to help you through this.

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