Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Therapy-Part Deux (oh hell!)

A few minor issues first:
Living without diet Pepsi is a lil rough right now. I want it-BAD. And almost without thinking-I found myself standing in front of the fully loaded garage fridge staring at them. But so far my will has persevered. Resisting this temptation is no so much about the beverage itself as much as practicing the habit of "no"...which totally sucks, right???

This week I have a new goal: stop eating after 7:30 PM. Nothing good happens with PM munching. This one is a real nagging bitch to deal with. So I'm watching more trashy reality TV (really, no chore) and surfing the Internet (again)... and staying away from the kitchen. Cause I WANT TO MUNCH OUT!!! ...sigh...

OK-The Biggie:
From my first posting you learned that I got benched on my psyche eval-an aborted failure. This hard-ass therapist wants me to work on some issues in regards to emotional eating before I have surgery and tossed me to a new therapist. But in the meantime, the clock is ticking towards my deadline and the surgeon won't meet with me until I have the psyche eval-and my blood pressure is increasing as I write this. (BTW-I personally want to know if there is a bandit out there WITHOUT food issues. Please step forward and identify yourself. And turn to face the firing squad.) ANYHOO... So I met with new therapist-who I like-and went through my personal history-AGAIN. Explained my goals, needs, triggers, AGAIN. And of course-it's therapy-which means you're gonna feel like a wrung out wash cloth when its done with you. So maybe I'm whining (I reserve the right, dammit), but mucking through this barn is not gonna be fun. Necessary-probably-that I concede. But last night, guess what I dreamed about???? THERAPY! I was in therapy ALL FRIGGIN' NIGHT LONG!

God save the queen...


  1. I had to do the same thing: work my food crap out with a head shrinker. I'm not going to lie--it sucked (Mainly bc of the person I was referred to. She is an idiot.)

    How many sessions does the psych want you to do minimum? If you wanna chat, feel free to e-mail me!

  2. hope you don't mind, but I linked your blog on my last post and asked for folks to come and follow you!!! And honestly, I still have head issues - definitely better, but they are there!

  3. HI! I just found your blog...totally cool layout :)

    Hang in there...the pre-op stuff is overwhelming sometimes...

  4. The psych eval is part of every process! It stinks, it made me really nervous. I think no matter what I will always have some sort of issue with food, but with the band I can get some control over it. Thinking of you.

  5. I think somehow I just ducked the therapy radar - but I also suffer from clinical depression and have a psychiatrist I see once a year for my medication eval who was ready to give me the big go ahead anyway

  6. The psych eval is important because the issues that you have with food now are only going to be amplified and perhaps made worse with different changes after you start losing weight. They're doing this to make sure that you're successful with the weight-loss. But in the long-run, consider yourself lucky that your insurance is even considering paying for your surgery, since a large majority don't even make it to that point.

    Just be honest. They can smell BS if you try and feed it to them.

  7. Um when you kick the soda habit - tell me the secret - I just can't do it!

  8. First order of business...can the diet pepsi go live somewhere else or does your family drink it?
    I have to keep the diet cokes away from the house or I have no willpower. I hope the new therapist works out well, telling the truth is the way to go and you will make your deadline, I am sure of it.

  9. Hello! Found you by way of Sarah's blog. The pre-op stuff is tough but you'll get through it. Good luck with everything!

  10. Hello! I too found you through another blog, and I am now Following you too.

    As for the Diet Soda, I ditto what Drazil said. I didn't drink any for about the first 2-3 months after Surgery, but then backslid. And I also ditto what Jennifer (Southern Belle) said. I have drank Diet Coke for 25 yrs and if it is in the house, I WILL DRINK IT!!

    My Surgery was on Nov 19th, 09 and I do drink one Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi a day, if we eat out. I do not keep it in the house as I would drink it all day!!