Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Spill

Big kid spilled an entire glass of orange juice all over the breakfast area which instantly ignited parental fuses...of course.  Quickest way to piss off an adult???  Spill a sticky beverage that requires cleaning on hands and knees multiple times over the course of a month... %$#!.  Anyhoo....  Lil brother rushes to the scene of the accident, assures big kid it'll be okay, hustles over with paper towels and windex, and starts a one man clean up operation.  And he actually handles it...  as big kid kinda mopes around in slow-mo watching the orange stain spread closer and closer to the carpet....  As lil brother makes his last trip to the laundry area, I praise him for his quick thinking and selfless actions, strangely pleased at his display of fraternal loyalty.  "Dat oughta get me off me off the naughty list, huh mom?"  Well...I guess it does.  Just in time.


  1. Bless him! What a sweetheart! I'm with you with sticky liquids, I also detest breakfast cereal that welds it self to the kitchen floor.