Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time-the Perfect Gift

Hubby and I started a new holiday thank-you tradition last year for our adult friends with kids.  We invite all the kids to our home for a holiday party from 5-10 PM so that the adults can finish shopping, go out to eat, to a movie, or get some wrapping done.  And of course the kids LOVE IT-especially our sons who live for house parties.  All the sisters make Christmas ornaments, paint fingernails, put on dance shows, have long conversations about boys, and play with the kitten while the brothers play video games, flashlight tag and nerf wars while chasing the dog through the mud.  And yes-it's a wild evening.  Not gonna lie.  And of course dinner is on the house.  This year-spaghetti, salad, corn, french bread, multi variety popcorns and sweet treats-to everyone's delight.  But the best part of the night, is seeing our adult friends picking up their kids looking so relaxed, rejuvinated, stress free (shopping DONE!), and sliding into the holidays a little more rested and prepared.  Like many families, we have to carefully watch our pennies and could not possibly afford to "buy" our friends the gifts we would love to give them.  But an evening out while their kids are safely (...mostly!) entertained is a budget friendly alternative with priceless dividends.  The gift of giving "time" to others is probably the best adult gift of all...

BTW-I know I need to update on weight related stuff.... but honestly.... I am really enjoying living my life without food/weight being my primary source of joy/stress this season...  and I do have a lot to say about that....maybe later!



  1. I LOVE this idea. I have lots of friends with kids and I could see this being a real treat. Might have to steal this idea next year!!!!

  2. Great idea!

    And glad to see you blogging. Dying to know how my band twin is progressing. I am still struggling but I think it is more of a head thing than a band thing.

  3. That is brilliant! Very generous of you and I imagine very much appreciated by the parents!