Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kissing Onederland

My scales have been kissing onderland (thanks Libby for that expression!) on and off for the past week.  What a tease those scales are!!!  Sitting at 200 lbs is a stalling point for me.  I have been here before....then ballooned again with another 30 plus pounds-in the blink of an eye.  The 200 number makes me nervous and antsy-which makes me wanna snack on salty chips....  Why? Why? Why???  Why is this barrier so difficult-emotionally & physically???  Why do I sabotage myself when I get to this point???  I want to be DONE with this number.  But I'm not eating like it.  On the good news front, I have managed to keep my goal of daily exercising (...and have even liked it a few times...there-I said it).  But I know that I also need to "diet" and eliminate carbs.... the thought of which makes me wanna pilfer my pantry.  So at the end of the day-I need to FIGHT for the the 90's.  And I guess I'm tired of fighting, honestly...  The truth is I wanna slide into the 90's without having to work it...   And we all know that ain't gonna happen....never does.  So  I gotta muscle my way through...  So I'm considering a new goal:  195 by Jan 31st... and that means protein shakes...and control...and perserverance...and saying NO to the salty crap...  and kicking my inner lazy-whiny-fat bitch-to the curb!  ....sigh...  Maybe...


  1. You can do it! There is something about that 200 number... UGH!

  2. I know you can do this! I have had the same struggle - worrying that I am somehow sabotaging myself right when I am about to get below 200. Just put your mind to it for 1 week. Ban the salty treats. Stick to the band appropriate foods and I SWEAR you will hit your goal.

    Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and it said 199.8! I know you can do this too!!!

  3. You go girl! My stall has been 240...I've been down that low in the past couple of months, and now I'm back up to 245! I just want to see the 230's so I can claim my 100 pounds lost...but I'm dying to be kissing onederland as well!