Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Steps

Living with the band is slowly changing my habits and lifestyle bit by bit.

*Breakfast:  A few bites of leftover pizza.  I had to put away the rest.  It just wasn't gonna go down...not even with that cuppa coffee.  So I called it quits...
*Lunch on the go:  I ordered a chicken sandwich, picked off half the bun, ate a few fries...and I was done.  It took 30 minutes for me to do this.  I used to wolf this meal down (large fries too with a full diet coke) in under 6 minutes...
*Dinner-A few bites of rice, which I didn't enjoy.  So I settled on a salad.  Felt a little stuck so it took 25 minutes to eat half of it before giving up.  Managed to finish it an hour later.

And that's ALL, folks!

So yes, maybe these food choices aren't the perfect "diet" food-but I love how the band prevents me from gorging and binging.  I'm getting there...a few bites at a time.

BTW-I've exercised every day this month!!!  So I bought myself a new pair of yoga pants...and hubby sounds my be-hind is looking HOTTTTT!!!!!


  1. You go girl! I'm glad you are getting good restriction and you are working out so well.

  2. congrats on working out everyday! that is excellent!

  3. P.S. I've nominated you for a "Stylish Blogger Award!" Go check it out on my blog :)

  4. Isn't it funny when we step back and take a look at how we eat now versus before? I'm with ya girl...even a year out of surgery, it still amazes me what my food choices (and quantities!) are sometimes.

  5. Exercised every day this month!?!?!?! AWESOME!

  6. Hey there, Hope all is well. I nominated you for an award. It is posted here -