Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh, %$#!

I nearly blew my resolution on Day 2 of the New Year -that is, daily exercising for 31 days in January.  I had had a great day until my ah-ha moment struck:  church with family, a movie with girlfriends, a late coffee/lunch out...  And then it hit me at 9:22 PM as I sat in my comfy jammies, reliving the day with hubby when a weight loss commercial flitted across the TV screen... Oh, %$#!  I FORGOT!!!...  Hubby and I sit in silence for 5 seconds...when he hollers up the stairs for the boys to get off the XBOX and let your mom do her exercise video!  So yes, I got out of the comfy jammies (ie: put on the bra) and wearily climbed the stairs for a 15 minute yoga session...  and you know what...???  I am sooooooo GLAD I did.  I felt...good...stronger...resolute.  And guess what???  The world will not implode if you exercise after the sun goes down...  Good to know...


  1. Awesome job on the exercise! you can do it!

  2. You should be proud, it takes a lot mentally to do that, but isnt it great when your other half helps you stick to it!

  3. good job!!! happy to hear you are happy you got up and got moving. you might just learnt to like this exercise thing yet.... lol