Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pit Stop Eating-Delete!

I did something radical yesterday. I decided that there would be no pit-stop eating while doing my errands/activities around town. And as I thought about this-I truly began to see how often I do this. As a matter of fact-if I'm brutally honest-my food pit-stops are often my primary goal with the errand being secondary (pathetic!). So in an effort to get off this binging wagon, Wendy's or Subway would NOT be a detour. So here's how it went:

Library with my youngest son: We had fun picking out lots of books for him, and I located THREE historical fiction books that I am so excited to read! I also chatted with two friends while checking out. And as we were coming home around the bend, lil son says, "I like your hair. It has pizazz!" (ie auburn hi lites!) Now what could be a better reward than good books and friends and time with my man-child??? And to top it off...I have PIZAZZ!!!

Running to hubby's work to fax paperwork: It's dusk, so we decide to take my PT Cruiser convertible (Cutie Pie is her name!) cruising through the countryside. And there are some lovely things to see in my neck of the woods: fields and pastures, barns, rivers, dense green foliage, old homes and churches, tomato stands, cows and horses... and we even got to make a wish on the first star...and see all the colors of night sky....while driving with Fleetwood Mac playing and the wind in our hair.

I have decided that all that peace, contentment, and love... taste just right....all by themselves.


  1. Nice observations and a great post!

  2. Sounds lovely, I want pizazz too!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Proud of you for missing a the pit stops along the way. Congrats on your "Pizzaz" Isn't it wonderful when your kids notice and compliment you. I bought some pretty wild patent leather red plaid Doc MArtin maryjanes - I know sound weird but they look great with jeans - anyway, the first time I wore them my son says "wow! you're really rockin' it mom" Thanks Baby!

  4. Hey, just for the record... a small chili at Wendy's is about 260 calories (with the cheese added) and about 20 grams of protein. Not a bad meal at all if that's what you stick to.

    It's important, if you regularly have to stop by fast food places (in my line of work I do, and since you have two small boys, it's hard to feasibly avoid) that you go over and understand their menus so that you know your "safe" choices. There ARE some, even if limited, and you won't feel as if you're denying yourself or punishing yourself if you go there for someone else.

    Kids are an awesome way to escape and forget about food, since food is really a "hunger only" thing for the majority of them. Just watch them and follow their lead in that regard. Play until you're tired and/or hungry. :)