Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Supper

So hubby had an idea for a blog post. 
"How 'bout telling them 'bout all those Last Suppers you had?"
Me:  open mouth, wide eyed....feeling a little uncomfortable.... thinking 'oh shit...!'
Hubby:  "Remember the first one?  The one at Cheddars?
Me:  ...happy glow as I recall that heaping plate of carbs...
Hubby:  "Let's see....what was the second one???  Oh yeah!  McDonald's fish fillet with supersize fries and ketchup."
Me:  guilt closes in...but, Oh God!  was it ever worth it... I NEEDED that fish fillet, dammit...
Hubby:  "And then the final one?  The night before your surgery???  That big ol' BBQ sandwich with cole slaw at the football game???"
Me:  feeling nostalgic...a beautiful memory...one that I will always cherish...

So there it is ya'll.  The awful truth:  I had not one, not two, but THREE LAST SUPPERS!  And each one was glorious!!!  I'd like to say that I was racked with guilt each time...  But I think we all know the truth here.  I was licking BBQ sauce off my elbow at that football game...  and not Jesus or Moses or the Archangels were gonna separate me from that sandwich...

Ahhhh.... the glory days...!  And I guess that's why I refuse to sit in guilt or shame but boldly embrace my bad, bad self during those struggling days of the 12 day liquid torure diet.  Those stuffing-myself-silly-days are over, and in the prophetic words of that famous philospher Bugs Bunny, "That's All Folks!"


  1. Sounds like they were worth it :-)

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my blog today. You are right, a little counseling can't hurt and I definitely intend to get there. Sometimes it is just so overwhelming when I realize that it is time to say goodbye to my old friend, nemesis, stand-by - food.

    Thanks for your support. I really do appreciate it.