Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liquid Torture Part Deux

OK-one week later:  so I'm not dead.  In spite of my theatrics.  But let me be clear:  LIQUID DIETS SUCK!!!  But OK-they're survivable....barely.  And although I have not been a scale Nazi, I'm pretty sure I'm losing weight.  It takes all my concentration to do this diet, so I've been avoiding the scales because I don't wanna be more PISSED than what I already am.  As in, "I've only lost 7 lbs?!?  WTF?!?!  I should have lost 50 lbs this week!!!"  You get the crazy picture...

Hopfully insurance will be calling me soon and making this liquid torture worth it. 

Maybe by next week, I will be an "official"  bandit...!


  1. Yes...the liquid diet sucks! But, I was thrilled to be on it because it meant that my surgery was happening soon. You're doing great and it will all be worth it in a couple of weeks. I think your attitude is right on! Keep up the good work.


  2. The liquid phase was the hardest, but it was worth it. You will get through it. Sending you good insurance vibes!!!

  3. I cannot even imagine....but keep it up. Imagine how you'll feel at the end when you can say you did it and never cheated?

  4. Girl, I feel your pain! I am on the liquid diet right now but I don't even get protein shakes. I get water, Crystal Light, sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free jello (I hate jello), and clear beef, chicken or vegetable broth.
    My surgery is tomorrow and I am pretty psyched (and a little nervous). And this is liquid hell is only the start. I have 2 weeks of pureed liquid and 2 weeks of soft diet after so I guess I am coming to grips with it. However, it's taking everything I have not to grab the pop chips and chow down.
    Good luck! I hope you get your surgery date soon.