Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Had a minor come-apart last night and hubby got to be my emergency therapist...  What if this weight loss thing is all a SCAM and I never lose this weight at all?!?  My biggest fear verbalized...  For some reason my weight loss has stalled...  I even gained back 4 lbs...dropped two...but can't seem to push back down to my lowest number...  So this has kicked over the crazy train in my head, and I'm desperately looking for "tricks" to thwart my metabolism into MOVING... dammit!  But drinking shakes and eating only protein makes me crazy...as in certifiable...

So I'm 20 days post surgery (first fill in 2 wks), and I really thought I would have more downward momentum at this stage of the game.  But it looks like I'm gonna have to claw my way through every freakin' pound...


  1. You are going to be OK! You have the band, but it's not working. It's a Ferrari with no gas. It's not going to take you anywhere.
    Once you start getting fills and you lose the hunger....things will be much easier and you will love your band.

  2. Hi - I also felt that way during "bandster hell" and I think it's normal. It's hard, but try and remember that staying the same or even gaining a few is normal during this period. Just stick to your doctor's orders and hang in there. It will get better and it will work. Remember - it's a journey. : )

  3. I have to agree with what's already been siad. You know I am only 2 days ahead of you band-wise and my body did the same thing. I lost a few lbs. on the pre-op diet and then 7 lbs. immediately after surgery but not an ounce after 10/9 until Sunday when I FINALLY lost another lb. Right now, everything we are doing is via sheer willpower because our bands don't have any fill yet. But pretty soon we are gonna get some help. Hang in there and know that I am right here with you. We will get there!

  4. Just wanted to echo that your brain is doing exactly what I'd guess 90% of bandsters do. It can be kind of discouraging to see so much progress around you on the blogs but your own process is stalled. You're still in that "hell" phase, this is totally normal and before long you'll be AMAZED at just how well it works. Just hold in there!

  5. I promise you won't have to CLAW for every pound! You are in Bandster Hell! You have the band but no real restriction. You are essentially ON A DIET and we all know that diets do not work. You need a couple of fills and then EVERYTHING changes! This isn't a SCAM and you will not FAIL! Just keep plugging away. For now, don't worry about what the scale says. Try to eat only when you are hungry and listen to when your body says it has had enough. Eat your protein first. Get some exercise each day. I was banded in February and have lost more than 90 lbs. I know you will succeed!

  6. It comes and goes. (The emotions & the weight.) I remember being really pissed off around your stage because it wasn't dripping off. I think I wrote "F&*# this!!" several days straight in my journal.

    Here's the thing that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) loses focus of: the pound here or there doesn't matter. It's the realization that even when you stall, the weight doesn't come streaming back on like it did in the past. At the 5-8 month out stage, I lost 10 pounds in about those 3 1/2 month time. BUT IT DIDN'T COME BACK. After so many diets over the years where a large portion would have piled back on in that time... this time, it DIDN'T.