Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I did it...

I kicked January's ass.  My goal was to exercise for 31 straight days.  AND I DID IT, DAMMIT!!!  And ya'll...not gonna lie...it totally sucked some days when it was cold or raining or snowing or I was bitchy and tired and on the... well, you know.  And homework was always waiting when I returned just like the sink full of dirty dishes and the light blinking on the voice mail.  But hey-that's life isn't it?  It never cuts you a break.  And although I just love to bitch and moan and complain...and trust me, I pouted plenty...there's a tiny part of me that actually started to like the peace and freedom of putting in my earphones and slamming the door on the chaos of daily life and letting my feet and mind wander where they will.  On the bad news front I have not lost weight in several weeks now.  But my clothes are looser, my tummy a lil flatter, muscles more toned...  And I am proud of that.  Yes, I have further to go, more goals to make (more on that later...), more lbs to wrestle.  But today, I rest.  And celebrate my victory of mind over matter.

Here's to new horizons in February!