Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reverse Psychology

So on Sunday I proclaim that I am going to seriously watch what I eat.   And yesterday I ate 3 muffins and a bowl of ice cream and 3 chocolate chip addition to regular meals...which I tried to overeat.  Sigh...   I think the tightness of my band is causing me to search out "easy" to eat foods which is a symptom of my crazy-fat-brain that is always searching for my next "fix."  My big problem however is that I am suffering from chronic exhaustion which is making it difficult/impossible to steer clear of bad food choices or even have the desire to put on my tennis shoes for a brief walk.  This exhaustion is weird considering I am not working over the summer and only lallygag around as well as clock in plenty of sleep hours the night before.  Not sure what is causing this...  but for now I have decided to take a daily multi vitamin in hopes of pumping up my energy level.  And I have to get back to minimal exercise.

Hopefully this vitamin is gonna kick my @ss into gear! 

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  1. If it's bad for you, overprocessed food, it will go down no matter how tight you are. (Aside from maybe heavily starchy foods like pasta and bread. But I know people at 8ccs who can still get that stuff down because they WANT to.)

    It sucks, because I haven't had any chance to my band since Sept (I'm at about 5.25ccs) and I will fluctuate between having no issues to suddenly not being able to get down scrambled eggs.

    This is what I figured out:

    Eat as slowly as you can. Don't wait out a meal or snack. This will help you to keep from eating too fast (swallowing the air is what causes the sticking more than the food) and chewing better so that the food goes down well. Out of everything with banding, this is the hardest role to stick to. You want to hurry up and get the food in you, eat like you used to. This is when the good foods, those higher protein, denser, more "whole" foods, will get stuck.

    BUT... if you can manage eating them the way you're supposed, in those small bites, lots of chewing, taking your time... when they get in there, you will feel so much fuller.

    Head hunger is always there. But where does it stem from when it happens (boredom, stress)? And if you choose to solve those issues with the food, be OK with it and balance it out some other way.