Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Report

Well, I got that third fill...  And NOW we're talking!  So THIS is what restriction is!  And what a relief to let the band do some of the work for me.  Of course getting used to the tightness has its own issues, and I have been pb'ing more as a result.  But I'm learning the "new" rules for this level of tightness. 

The GOOD NEWS is that I have lost another 5 lbs... for a grand total of 40 lbs!!!  LOVE IT!!!  I told hubby that even if I never lost another lb, I am sooooo  grateful to be smaller, healthier, happier, and more present and content in my own skin.

A Few NSV's as a result:
Wearing my bathing suit with cover up either!
Having a friend tell me, "Your legs look GREAT!"
Old clothes in the closet are "new" again...and dressing is becoming more fun
Experiencing excitement about fashion and shopping....and discovering what my true style is now that I have options...

Here's to savoring every last minute of summer! 

1 comment:

  1. Awesome news... on all counts. I love finding "new" things in my closet. So glad to hear that not only are you healthier, but feeling happier too! Happy Summer!