Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whackadoo Hangover

So the preacher's kid is in my back yard as I stumble out the back door in my sloppy pj's and pony tail with no bra/make up to holler the dog back 4 PM...after unsuccessfully trying to nurse a rum headache for most of the day.  And he wants to have a conversation with me...  and pet the dog...and tell me sh*t... and I'm clutching my old stretchy v-neck sleep shirt just trying to keep my boobs from popping out as I mumble and nod sumpin' unintelligible before slamming the door in his face mid sentence.  Laws... 

So even though I have a rum-skull-buster of a headache, playing Whackadoo Bingo with the ladies was SOOOOOO WORTH IT.  Oh, and just to put your mind at ease, I did get rid of the "drug" evidence on the back patio which lil brother found and reported on at the last lady party...  i.e.:  an ashtray filled with cigarette butts.  I tell you what, the Red Ribbon Week at the elementary school is really killing all the grown-up fun 'round these parts. 

In other exciting news:  I am already thinking about getting out the CHRISTMAS CRAP!  I know, right?!?  Screw Halloween and all that ugly black-death-sh*t.  I bought myself a hand crafted gourd Santa at the local craft fair, and I am ready to get out the freakin' jingle bells-just as soon  Mr B gets home from camping with the boys this weekend.  Y'all know he's gonna be thrilled...

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