Saturday, February 19, 2011


Got on the scales at the crack of dawn this morning...and I have lost 5 lbs from my down-and-dirty-carbo- busting-quickie-diet this week.  It's affirming to see the numbers MOVE.  Of course this week just affirmed for me that changing WHAT I eat is a critical key point in my success...and one I've wanted to ignore thus far.  So I'll need to make some adjustments in my food choices-although I'm not ready to get on the no-carb bandwagon-I GET IT:  fewer carbs, more momentum.

On another note-this is my BDAY Weekend!!!  Hubby gave me $$$ for clothes shopping and I bought new pants, tops, and jewelry at some cute, trendy stores (that I had been avoiding in my previous chub-state) and then he bought me some REAL running shoes.  Of course I had to take this week off due to sore knees, but I'm actually looking forward to getting back on the asphalt to try this "running thang" again...  who knew I would ever be someone who would say that?!?  Laws-a-mercy...

Band living sure does give a gal some new things to think about!


  1. Amazing weight loss! I know that I need to do the same thing but am avoiding it at the moment!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I think I will copy that line "Fewer carbs, More momentum" and post on my fridge :)

  3. LOL - you go girl! Happiest of birthdays to ya! What a wonderful hubby you have :). I tried the low carb diet thing pre-LapBand and I hated it...I just didn't get how eating eggs and meat all day would be the healthiest thing in life. Ah well. I DO get that I need to work more on my protein, though, so I'll follow suit!

  4. Happy birthday and congratulations on your weight loss, you're doing great!