Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tandem-easier said than done

So I've started a low carb diet this week.... on Valentine's Day, for gosh sakes.   Which meant that I had to contend with hubby's cupcakes, the girl scout cookie delivery, and students bringing me a warm from the oven cinnamon roll from the culinary arts classroom....ARGH!!!  Which just goes to show that there is NEVER a "good time" to diet.  So yes, I've been pretty grouchy with blood in one eye and piss in the other at the thoughts of losing my precious carbs.  But  I just keep reminding myself that missing out on a few sweet/salty snacks is not like a DEATH or something.  And really I am pretty desperate to startle my sluggish metabolism into MOVEMENT.  This had better work....dammit.  So I am veering between determined and pissy-two unpredictable emotions at best.  I also have to maneuver the faculty luncheon tomorrow.  But I am determined to do this 5 day challenge to prove to myself that I have what is takes to manage both exercise and dieting in tandem (I tend to focus on one at a time, to my detriment).  So we shall see how this experiment in denial goes....  I hope to have positive results to publish by Saturday.  And a better mood to report as well!

BTW-my knees are KILLING me.  I took off 2 days from running but it hasn't helped.  Tonite was brutal.  Tips for newbie runners are sorely needed...!

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  1. Carbs can suck it! They are so addictive. My downfall 100% You can do it!