Saturday, February 5, 2011

Skinny B*tch!

That's right-you read that right.  ....DRUM ROLL!!!...  I am wearing size 12 jeans now!!!  Okay-there is a lil muffin top going on, but I can zip and button and sit in them.  Another 5 lbs and the muffin top should be gone.  It is soooooo rewarding (and motivating) to be here... at last!  These jeans are a symbol of my hard work as well as new frontiers to come...  Just gotta keep my eyes on the prize and keep fighting the (never ending-sigh!) good fight.

On another note:  I'm not sure where this came from...  but I RAN three times this week during my daily walks...  Who knew?!?   I am not going to examine this too much but just enjoy this new found burst of energy.  I think I have awakened the inner skinny b*tch.  And she wants to come on out and kick this fat girl's ass in the mall parking lot.  Now that I've lost 28-30 lbs, it looks like she wants to be the boss of me.  I'm not sure how this is gonna play out...but for now she can stay for awhile at least!


  1. Congrats on the pants and in finding your inner skinny b*tch :o)

  2. So glad you found your skinny b*tch. Keep it up. You are doing fantabulously!